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Spring 2019 Usabilathon

   As part of the Spring 2019 Usabilathon Challenge at George Mason University, I was a member of a team that proposed a redesign of the Diversity in Psychology website. In addition to strengthening my skills in iterative design, user-centered design, user research, usability testing, Adobe XD, and more, this rewarding project also granted my team first place in the competition! As such, our prototype will be implemented by the Diversity in Psychology committee when redesigning the website.


Proposed Redesign for AMC Theatres App

    My work with the Independent Usability Group at George Mason University has granted me the opportunity to explore user experience research and design in-depth, while also completing a course project. We proposed a redesign of the AMC Theatres App. Working on this rewarding project allowed me to strengthen my skills in user research, design, usability testing, Adobe XD, and more.

Proposed Redesign of AMC App.png

Future IoT Smart Home Device

    Recently, I was able to examine the usability of a future smart home device. Investigating the future of smart home technology is an area that presents its own unique challenges ready to be solved. This experience reinforces the value of user use cases, procedural analyses, hierarchical task analyses, and more. Please feel free to take a look at my work on this project!

Eric's Blog

    As a way for me to keep track of my own journey in user experience research and design, I have decided to detail my journey so far by writing blog posts! Through navigating the ins and outs of UX research and design, to finding my place as a new human factors graduate student, I want others to explore my own experience in this rewarding, yet challenging field!

    In addition to user experience research and design, I also have a passion for cognitive psychology. Feel free to explore some of my other projects related to human factors psychology, previous research with Maryville college, the University of Tennessee, and current research with George Mason University!

Other Research and Projects

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