AMC Theatres App Redesign

About the Project

    As a member of the Independent Usability Group, I had the opportunity to propose a redesign of the AMC Theatres App. The smartphone application allows users to view movie times at AMC theatres close by, read descriptions for movies that are upcoming and currently playing, purchase tickets, order popcorn, drinks, candies, and other food, explore their AMC Stubs reward points, and more.

    However, though the app allows users to explore the many options that are available, the usability of the application is a bit complex. The redesign (created with Adobe XD) highlights information architecture, efficient user navigation, and aesthetically pleasing design principles.

Proposed Redesign of AMC App2.png

A Selected User Persona

    There were a few stakeholders that we considered when redesigning this app, but we wanted to tailor the redesign towards an avid movie buff such as Heath. Young and always on top of pop culture, Heath needs an app that will allow him to have the most enjoyable movie going experience possible.

The Current AMC Theatres App

    By examining some competitor apps, we believed very particular aspects of the AMC app would benefit from a redesign. For example, the home page layout, design of the maps page, usability of the food menu, and aesthetics concerning the text on certain backgrounds were items that we specifically focused our attention on when redesigning the app for optimal user experience.

The Redesigned AMC Theatres App

    For the home page, we created a layout that organized movies currently in theatres based on genre. For the section that displayed theatres near the user, we emphasized the need for having the favorite theatres displayed first on a map that was more focused on the user's current location. For the food menu, we created a an expandable menu selection to minimize the number of pages it takes to order food. We then cleaned up the aesthetics of the text by emphasizing the contrast of light colored text on a darker background.

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